Will not it cost a lot when the accommodation facility necessary for employee’s work is prepared by corporate contract? Cost reduction is one of the major tasks of the General Affairs Department and Human Resources Department, which is also a very pressing task. Recently, many people use service apartments as means of preparing accommodation facilities at low cost. As the mainstream selection method, there are many service apartment companies that are known to many people with high brand power. However, with the aim of further cost reduction, some General Affairs Department and Personnel Department are seeking alternative options.

Due to the growth and expansion of the sharing economy industry, transportation and residential business markets are becoming available at lower prices. MetroResidences felt trends that innovative companies are providing such services to employees’ business needs, providing corporate apartments. So what is the appeal of choosing a corporate apartment?

The corporate apartment is a service comparable to other well-known serviced apartment enterprises and it can be offered as a completely new option to the general affairs department and personnel department. “But actually there are a lot of people who think that it is what it is? MetroResidences Users can reduce costs by up to 30% by using the provided property. In addition, all of the listed properties are stylish and carefully selected only for properties that can provide excellent access to downtown businesses.

Three reasons why the General Affairs Department and Personnel Department should choose Corporate Apartments: