Your MetroExperience

MetroPremier, MetroExecutive, and MetroStandard are categories to help provide you with a reference in terms of expectations and amenities available when making a booking. This allows you to determine which apartment class is suitable for the tenant, depending on their seniority and budget.
24-Hour No Risk
< 10 Days 48 Hours 24 Hours/On-site
Housekeeping Weekly Professionally cleaned x1 per week Professionally cleaned >2 per week
Quality of
Furnitures &
Functional Modern & Fresh Stylish & Premium
Compliance to
Metro Min
Property Standards
70% 100% Far Surpass Expectations
Great For... Students & Junior Executives Mid Level Professionals Senior Executives
MetroPremier corporate serviced apartments are in new and premium residential apartment complexes located in business districts.
MetroPremier minimum standards:
- Tastefully Styled Apartments
- Cable TV and high speed WIFI
- High quality gym and pool facilities
- Weekly cleaning
- Heart of CBD

Great For
Senior to middle-level management
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MetroExecutive corporate serviced apartments are well maintained and centrally located islandwide.
MetroExecutive minimum standards:
- Clean & Fully Furnished
- Ensuite Bathroom
- Local TV and WIFI
- Fully equipped kitchen
- 10 minutes walk away from train stations or bus stops
Great For
Middle to junior executives
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MetroStandard corporate serviced apartments are basic and functional apartments or rooms that have shared facilities.
MetroStandard minimum standards:
- Clean & Basic Furnishing
- Shared WIFI
- Clean bathroom (shared/ensuite)
- Common Kitchen (shared/ensuite)
- 10 minutes walk away from train stations or bus stops
Great For
Junior executives and interns
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Staying With Us

Moving In

Upon booking confirmation, the front desk team will reach out to you to coordinate your check-in schedule. A few days before your arrival, you will receive an email with the following:
- Check-in Instruction
- Request for your flight details
- Request for passport photo

Should you have any special requests such as extra mattresses, limo pick-up, baby cot or a printer, our team is ready to make such arrangements in preparation for your arrival. On the day of arrival, our staff will be waiting at the lobby of the apartment where we will hand you the keys to the apartment apartment and provide you with an orientation of the apartment and neighborhood. Check-in time is standard at 2pm.

The Stay

MetroResidences corporate serviced apartments are standard with WiFi, linen, towels and kitchenware. If there is anything else you need, please contact the front desk.

Housekeeping is done once a week on weekday mornings. Housekeepers will clean the room and replace linen and towels.

Public utilities such as electricity, water and gas may have a capped. This maximum utility fee is included in the monthly rent for billing. It is estimated that this amount is enough to cover for moderate usage of the the air conditioner during your stay.


Need any of these items? MetroResidences will be able to provide the list of items stated below for an extra fee.

  • Airport Pick-Up
  • Additional Mattress & Beddings
  • Ad-Hoc Cleaning Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Pre-Arrival Groceries Shopping
  • Cable TV and Add-on Channel
  • Baby Cot
  • Printer Rental
  • Handicap Friendly Taxi
  • Storage & Mover Services

On the day of check-in, our front desk team will arrange a time with you for check-in and orientate you around the apartment and its surroundings. Check-out timing is standard at 12pm and. Late check-out requests will be entertained on a case by case basis.

The deposit made for the booking will be returned 14 days after the day of check-out. In the unlikely event of damages or claims, MetroResidences will arrange for an assessment of the damage. Should the damage be a result of negligence from the guest, the amount will be deducted from the deposit.