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Top 3 Eastern-Singapore Serviced Apartment Picks

If you’re like many Expats who have been drawn to the eastern districts of Singapore for work, you can count yourself highly lucky. This stretch of Singapore is known for…
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Serenity In The Chaos of Singapore MRT

If you aren't fresh off the aeroplane, you would have probably used the MRT (mass rapid transit) before. It's one of three main popular modes of public transportation in Singapore…
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Why Singapore buses are more than just public transportation

So it's 8am, Monday morning. You've skipped breakfast and your shoes are scuffed. Your pressed shirt starts to soak up the perspiration brought upon by the wonderful weather we have…
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The one season Singapore, all year-round.

Tropical Singapore sees endless summers and is hardly associated with the changing of seasons. The ever-present sun only ever makes way for rain. However, roughly once every year, the green…
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Troubles of the lonely expat.

The trip over to a new country is often dressed with exciting opportunities and new challenges. Usually poised as a positive outlook on a new journey, many stray away from…
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Quick stress relief by engaging your 5 senses

Too many things to do, too little time. We all love a relaxing visit to the spa, spend some time at the movies or get through a few rounds of…
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3 unique chill-out spots near Club Street

Welcome to Club Street. Now that we’re managing the Clubhouse Serviced Residences along Club Street, we’ve had the chance to go on walks to check out the bars and restaurants…
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5 easy breakfasts you can make in your serviced apartment.

You just need something quick, easy, and can last you through the morning. If you’re not a morning person, we could all agree that getting up earlier to make a…
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3 productivity lessons I learnt from our Housekeeping team

Written by Riley Heng, Head of Marketing at MetroResidencesFun fact: Every employee at MetroResidences is required to tag along with the housekeeping and partake in housekeeping duties, as part of…
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Singapore’s wet market survival guide

You would not have experienced the full spectrum of the Singaporean culture if you have never been to a wet market. More than just a place to get the freshest…
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5 Home Remedies to Boost Your Immune System

The stress from work and living in a foreign environment may lead to the weakening of the immune system, making one more susceptible to infections and catching the cold bug.…
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Recommended reads for any expat in Singapore

One’s never too busy to make time for a quick read before bedtime or during the commute to work. Whether you’re an avid reader or not, make room on your…
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